Next Trip to Mondragon and a New One to Bologna, Italy


By: Georgia Kelly, Director of the Praxis Peace Institute

Dear Praxis Friends

Many of you have asked about Mondragón and whether we are doing another trip this year. We are, and the dates have been set.
Mondragón Cooperatives Seminar & Tour
September 8 – 14, 2013 – Mondragón, Spain
This seminar and tour offers an in-depth experience of the most successful consortium of cooperatives in the world.  Praxis Peace Institute has organized 4 seminars in Mondragon and this one will be the fifth. Each one has been a little different because at Mondragón, they are always improving, always responding to the needs of worker-owners, always anticipating the moves needed to maintain the 0% unemployment level that is their commitment and achievement. If you have been thinking about participating in one of these seminars, hesitate no longer! This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience viable and inspiring alternatives to corporate capitalism.
Program ends in the afternoon of Sept. 13th.
Details of these seminar and tour are on the Praxis website:
Click on the link in the Mondragón Project area.
Deposits are not required this early, but by March 1, 2013, you can secure your place by making a $500 deposit. If the euro/dollar exchange rate does  not change much, the prices should remain the same as last year.
Just Added! – Bologna, Italy
Praxis Seminar & Tour of Cooperatives in the Emilia Romagna region
September 16 – 22, 2013
Program begins with a reception on the evening of Sept. 16th.
This year, for the first time, Praxis Peace Institute is organizing a seminar and tour of the cooperatives in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. We will be headquartered in Bologna, Italy and stay at a hotel that is walking distance to the University of Bologna where our seminars will be held. Our seminars will be conducted by world renown Italian economists who specialize in cooperatives and socially-just economic practices and models.
The tours of worker-owned businesses in the region will include a ceramics factory, an industrial coop, a coop umbrella organization, a social coop, and other businesses. We will learn how the coops are organized, the unique economics of Emilia Romagna region, their banks, and the role of the coops in the time of recession.
Our hotel is located in the center of Bologna, about one-and-a-half blocks to the university where our seminars are held. It’s within easy walking distance of many excellent restaurants and cafes. Bologna is centrally located in Italy. Florence is a 35 minutes by train, and Venice is a little less than one-and-a-half hours by train. So, it is easy to add on these two cities to your trip.
Information will be posted on our website soon, but this is an early announcement to Praxis members and people who have participated in our previous Mondragón seminar/tour.
IMPORTANT! Both groups are limited to 24 people each. The price for this seminar will be slightly higher than the Mondragón seminar.
Prices for both seminars will be announced by February 1, 2013
A $500 deposit will hold your place in either seminar. And, we have an excellent travel agent that gets the best deals and coordinates our arrival times.
Georgia Kelly, Director
Praxis Peace Institute
P.O. Box 523, Sonoma, CA 95476

About Kitty Kroger

Kitty Kroger is a retired high school teacher of E.S.L. She has published her first novel, "Dancing with Mao and Miguel," which takes place in the 70s and deals with political, social, and personal concerns of that decade. In addition to writing, she is also involved in trying to make the world a better place, concerning herself with issues such as climate change and attacks on refugees and immigrants. She enjoys photography, including street photos (find her work on and Instagram), writes poetry, and plays in a piano ensemble. She also publishes a blog called "Voices of the Sixties and Seventies" (
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