California Co-op Conference 2013

The California Co-op Conference on April 5 & 6 on Wilshire Blvd.  in Los Angeles will celebrate cooperatives by sharing successes and providing the most effective ways to help strengthen and expand the cooperative movement.

Workshops will reveal how cooperatives revitalize and fortify local economies by creating jobs, housing, and locally owned businesses.  Attendees will learn how to start a new cooperative and how to develop and to strengthen their own cooperatives.  The conference offers an opportunity to engage with other cooperators and discuss ideas, experiences, and strategies. More information about the workshops including schedules can be found here.

The cost is around $200, depending on how soon you register. Check it out.


About Kitty Kroger

Kitty Kroger is a retired high school teacher of E.S.L. She has published her first novel, "Dancing with Mao and Miguel," which takes place in the 70s and deals with political, social, and personal concerns of that decade. In addition to writing, she is also involved in trying to make the world a better place, concerning herself with issues such as climate change and attacks on refugees and immigrants. She enjoys photography, including street photos (find her work on and Instagram), writes poetry, and plays in a piano ensemble. She also publishes a blog called "Voices of the Sixties and Seventies" (
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